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Loaded with extras.
  • Free standard hosting for a year – with Our Signature done-for-you set-up
  • Free Premium Page Builder
  • 2 Free Premium Themes
  • 2 Free Premium Plugins
  • 1-hour (two 1/2 hour session) one-on-one Design Lab Sessions
  • Bite-Size Interactive step-by-step video tutorials
  • PDF lab workbooks with illustrated tutorials + reference materials
  • Design roadmap
  • All the recommended WordPress plugins are preinstalled
  • We take all the guesswork out of building your site
  • Free Brand + Design Lab – includes labs to create a logo and brand experience
  • User Interface and Experience Basics
  • We guarantee you will be able to build and manage a site if you do the work. (+ we do have a Premium “done-for-you” option if you get stuck)
Your Success is Guaranteed When You Join WP Design Lab.

WP Design Lab Syllabus

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Lab # 1 — Extraordinary Brand [Bonus Lab #1]

What We Cover:

  • Identify your target audience. (Avatar, persona, tribe, etc.)
  • Understand what a brand is & what it isn’t.
  • ID and write your Brand Promise
  • Define your Brand Mission and Vision
  • Theme your brand and craft the Brand Experience
  • Draft the Brand Position and Purpose statement
  • Understand and memorialize your Brand Core Values
  • ID the Brand Personality
  • ID the Brand Character
  • Pick your Brand Fonts
  • Define the Brand Color Palette
  • Create the Brand Logo


Lab # 2 — Customizing Your Website Settings

What We Cover

  • How to login to your administrator panel
  • Admin panel tour
  • Customize your WordPress set-up
  • Basic WordPress terminology


Lab # 3 — All About Themes

What We Cover:

  • The Premium Divi Theme and Divi Builder come free with this course and are pre-installed, we’ll look at the basics of Divi
  • What is Divi?
  • Change Themes
  • Add a Theme
  • Upload a Theme
  • Tour of Customization Options


Lab # 4 — Customize the Theme

What We Cover:

  • Add Your Logo
  • Add a Custom Color Palette
  • Customizing your Theme
  • Adding Custom Branding
  • Customizing Divi
  • + more tips & tricks


Lab # 5 — Create Pages

What we cover:

  • Adding the basic core pages of your site – Home, about, contact, etc.
  • Design best practices for each page type
  • Using the WordPress Standard Builder – Gutenberg
  • Using Divi Premade Layouts
  • Understanding the Divi Builder
  • Using Divi with Gutenberg (optional)
  • Customizing your Pages
  • + lots of tips and tricks to make building pages super easy and quick.


Lab # 6 — Add Content

What we cover:

  • How to add posts
  • Create a couple of posts 
  • Difference Between Categories and Tags
  • Create Categories
  • Add Tags
  • Add Featured Images
  • Free Bonus Divi post layout
  • Publish Post
  • + tons of time-saving tips


Lab # 7 — Navigations + Menus

What we cover:

  • Understanding navigation and menus
  • Navigation and user experience explained
  • Make your website super easy to navigate
  • Define your navigation structure
  • Add a Menu(s)
  • Publish your menu


Lab # 8 — Divi Designer in a Day [Bonus Lab #2]

What we cover:

  • Unleash the power of your imagination with Divi
  • Designing from scratch with Divi
  • Deep dive into Divi premade layouts
  • Step-by-step tutorials for creating a Divi Page from scratch
  • Harness the power of global items in Divi 
  • Learn to save and reuse pages, pieces, and parts
  • + lots of hidden Divi features


Lab # 9 — Creating Compelling Content [Bonus Lab # 3]

What we cover:

  • Copywriting basics
  • What makes good copy
  • Writing headlines 
  • Writing for SEO


Lab # 10 — SEO Survival Guide [Bonus Lab #4]

What we cover:

The Yoast SEO plugin is preinstalled.

  • What is SEO & why should I care?
  • SEO basics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Understanding Yoast
  • Step-by-step tutorials for optimizing your content – pages, post, and, media
  • When to break the SEO rules
  • + tips and resources for learning more about SEO


Lab # 11 — Understand the Pre-installed Plugins

What we cover:

Plugins are like apps for your phone.  And if you’ve ever waded through hundreds of apps or cluttered your screen with apps you know how they can slow down your site.

We have done the hard work for you and installed a carefully curated group of “must-have” plugins.

WP Design Lab preinstalls the most useful plugins.

  • Each plugin comes with a Quick Start Guide
  • + Tips and Tricks
  • Basic settings are set for you
  • Understand what each plugin does and why we choose to use them


Lab # 12 — Add to Your Audience with Bloom [Bonus #5]

What we cover:

  • Lead capture basics
  • Free premium plugin to capture leads
  • Create your first “Subscribe” form
  • Pick the best email provider
  • Lead Magnets
  • Social Media


Lab # 13 — Let’s Get Social using Monarch [Bonus #6]

What we cover:

  • Social Media Basics
  • Which social media platforms are right for your business?
  • Setting up Social media accounts
  • Free Bonus premium plugin to help get the word out
  • Add social media buttons to your site
  • Sharing posts and other content on social media
  • + lots of goodies to grow your list


Lab # 14 — Keep your Site Healthy and Secure

What we cover:

  • Tools to keep your site healthy and secure
  • Security checklist
  • Monthly security planner
  • + Bonus back-up plugin


Lab # 15 — Hello World!  Go Live Checklist

What we cover:

Woohoo!  You did it and your site looks awesome.  Just run through the checklist then “Go Live”

  • A comprehensive checklist for your live site
  • + more 


Included Premium Themes + Plugins 

Divi + Extra Themes

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor.

Easy to use so you can create an amazing website.  That looks like you paid an expensive web designer to create.  + It comes with 100’s of pre-made layouts to jump-start your creativity.

Monarch - Social Sharing

Choose from more than 20 social sharing networks to display on your website so you can create a custom collection of sharing options for your visitors. + Add sharing buttons in 5 different locations.

Bloom - Lead Capture

Convert Visitors Into Loyal Followers
Bloom gives you all the tools you need to turn your website’s visitors into loyal followers and customers. With Bloom, you can quickly create sign-up forms and display them almost anywhere you want on the page.

Free Bonus Training 

Extraordinary Brand Lab

Learn the basics of creating an extraordinary brand that perfectly reflects you and your business.  You’ll learn design basics like how to create a logo, how to pick your fonts, and color palettes.  + much more!

SEO Survival Guide Lab

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential part of building your website and making sure you get discovered by Google.  Our SEO Survival Guide is filled with the basics of SEO to get you started right. 

Divi Designer in a Day Lab

Our Divi Designer in a Day training is like nothing else.  This is the ultimate guide to the Divi essentials.  So you’ll be able to quickly and easily get comfortable with Div and begin design amazing pages and posts in no time.

Add to Your Audience Lab

Find your tribe.  Seek your peeps.  Grow your audience.  However, you say it, you’ll need to grow an email marketing list to stay in touch with your visitors, readers, and prospects. 

Copywriting Basics Lab

Copywriting can be tricky.  We’ll show the tips and tricks of writing compelling copy so you can confidently start writing blog posts and copy that sells. 

Kick writer’s block to the curb.

Getting Social Lab

We’ll cover social media basics and tools to help you stay on top of your social media game.  Plus, we’ll help you figure out which social media channels are right for you.

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